Craig Mercier

Craig Mercier
Sales Associate
L. Mason Capitani CORFAC International
248-637-3520 (Office)
248-496-8612 (Mobile)
248-637-9897 (Fax)

Mr. Mercier is a veteran member of the Industrial Properties Division at L. Mason Capitani CORFAC International. He has represented countless businesses and individuals in the acquisition and disposition of industrial real estate since he entered the business in 1971. His experience cannot be understated as he regularly provides valued advice and counsel to team members who do not necessarily possess his wealth of experience. Mr. Mercier is a graduate of John Carroll University in Cleveland Heights, Ohio where he attained Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Business Administration. He is the past president of the Detroit Board of Realtors and is the past director of the South Oakland County Board of Realtors.